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I’m a size-friendly doula! 

Thank you for wanting to be listed on the Size-Friendly Doula Directory.

Please note, we’re currently revamping resources and not adding doulas at this time. Please check back in the near future or contact [email protected] to be added to the waitlist. Exciting things are in the works! 

Below we’ll answer some commonly asked questions and provide information on how you can be listed if you are a size-friendly doula.

What is the Size-Friendly Doula Directory?

The purpose of this directory is to help alleviate possible apprehensions a plus size pregnant person might have inviting a stranger to be part of their birth team. A person will know, by contacting someone on this list, that their prospective doula is size friendly and will treat them with dignity. Because of this, we require all doulas listed to be certified with experience supporting people of size!

How does the Size-Friendly Doula Directory work? 

The Plus Size Birth website is a high traffic site that receives over 60,000 hits a month with people seeking information about plus size pregnancy and birth. One of the incredible resources our website has is this directory of size friendly doulas! We also have a very strong social media following with over 177,000 likes on our Facebook page that drives traffic to the directory that’s linked to the Plus Size Birth website.

Once a prospective client does a search and finds your profile they will see your image and read your doula philosophy. This helps someone to decide if they want to reach out to you or not. Contact information including your website, e-mail, phone number (if you’d like) is listed so prospective clients will contact you directly.

Being listed on the Plus Size Birth Doula Directory has helped me communicate to clients that I have a genuine interest in providing them with quality care. Since joining the directory in 2016, I have had multiple opportunities to connect with prospective clients. Being part of the Plus Size Birth Community demonstrates my commitment to providing satisfying and empowering birth experiences at all sizes.

Kira Kimble


What are the benefits of being listed?

Beyond your directory listing, below you’ll see additional benefits for being listed.

Access To An Private Facebook Group
You will become part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get community support for any questions or concerns you have around supporting plus size clients.

Exclusive discounts will be offered whenever possible for in-person classes, online courses, teleseminars and online toolkits for you and your clients. 

“I’m A Size-Friendly Doula” Web Button  
Once your profile is set up you will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes an image you can add to your website letting people know you’re a size-friendly doula! You can link this image back to your doula profile if you’d like or just have it on your website.

What are the requirements to be listed?

You must be size-friendly!

This means you provide compassionate support and don’t have a personal bias against people of size. Plus size people face unique challenges during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The goal of this project is to connect plus size people to experienced size-friendly doulas. Therefore, we also ask that doulas are certified before joining the list. If you have any questions or concerns around this policy you can contact us at [email protected].

Are you ready to create your profile and start tapping into these resources?

The annual fee to be listed is $39.00 but you can join now for our special rate of $29.00 a year! This annual fee helps to support the work of Plus Size Birth and the expansion of this needed resource.

Once you’ve submitted payment, you’ll recent an e-mail with a form for you to complete all of your listing information and your profile will be live within five business days.

Thank you for being a size-friendly doula and we can’t wait to promote you!