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New Haven, CT, USA06501

Jennifer Edmonds, Size-Friendly Doula 

My doula philosophy is honestly fairly simple…I’m here to support you in whatever way you desire.  YOU are the one who will remember this day forever…not your caregiver or hospital or even me, so I want to support the dream that you have for it and make it the best experience you can have.  I love to be a source of information to help moms (& their partners) make decisions, so that they can confidently weigh the risks & benefits of various procedures or interventions & make a decision that they feel comfortable with.  But most of all, as simple as it sounds, I long to support women and encourage them during their birth experience…to bring a calming, peaceful, reassuring presence and give them additional knowledge when they request it.  I was also a plus-size mama when I gave birth to my daughter, so I can understand the challenges that plus size mamas face.  I have a wonderful network of resources that I can also use to help you find practitioners who will give you the full respect that you deserve.

Birth Doula, Rebozo certified, Babywearing and Cloth Diapering Support

Service Area: New Haven, Connecticut, USA and surrounding areas including Westchester County, NY.