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Charlotte, NC, USA28201

Kira Kimble, Size-Friendly Doula 

Hello, my name is Kira Kimble and I am a certified birth doula. I am an informative resource, source of support, and labor coach for pregnant women and their partners. I became a doula in 2013 to help women have gratifying and empowering births. I am a wife and mother of four. Prior to raising my family, I worked in marketing for almost 10 years at The Charlotte Observer, The Gaston Gazette and The Winston-Salem Journal. I grew up in Erie, PA. I attended Phillips Academy in Andover, MA and then earned a degree in business from Wake Forest University. I enjoy sports, music and languages. I studied Japanese and Spanish in college and hope to travel abroad one day.

I support women and their partners in a variety of settings including hospitals, birth centers, and private homes. I have experience with high risk, VBAC, C-Section, medicated and unmedicated births. I also give instruction in elimination communication or infant potty learning.

I believe birth is a natural process, not a medical emergency. I believe, despite our best efforts, birth cannot be controlled. It has its own timing and path. My role is not to control that path, but to create the space to allow that path to unfold.

Service Area: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and surrounding areas.