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Contact Information
Phone: 310-800-3522
Laguna Beach, CA, USA92651

Kristin Espinosa, Size-Friendly Doula 

I’ve spent years learning about the intricacies of birth, hospital birth, home birth, hormones during pregnancy and childbirth, interventions used during labor/delivery, and the spectrum of birth experiences that are available to women. The fuel of my passion is that I genuinely believe every woman deserves the chance to create an empowering birth experience; I am here to assist you and advocate for you throughout your pregnancy and birth. I support diverse birth and believe that above all, we can work on eliminating any “fear” of the birth process to create a joyous occasion for mama, baby and birth partner. It’s my goal to education women on their birth choices and provide the tools and continuous support needed to achieve the birth YOU want.

Service Area: Laguna Beach, Orange County, California, USA, and surrounding areas.