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Linsey Griffith and Jen Bailey

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Contact Information
Phone: 614-467-0534
Dayton, OH, USA45390

Linsey Griffith and Jen Bailey, Size Friendly Doulas 

We believe in supporting ALL families where they are, in birth, no matter what that looks like. Maybe it is your first birth and you’re seeking a “natural” experience, maybe you’re striving for a VBAC, or maybe you face a scheduled c-section: WE support YOU! Families of color, families of size, families who have experienced loss, families facing anxiety and concerns; we have the training and experience to support you non-judgmentally and unconditionally.  We also work with families who have gone through fertility, IVF, and surrogacy. Together we have 13 years of experience and have attended 150 births. We are trained/certified through: DONA, ToLabor, Rebozo, Hypnobirthing, IPPA, ChildBirth International, Healthy Children, and ProDoula.

We are certified Birth Doulas and trained Postpartum Doulas. We offer comprehensive services for the birthing year: Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing, Lactation Education, Labor Support, Placenta Encapsulation, Lactation Counseling, Postpartum Support, and Rebozo Closing.

Service Area: Central Ohio, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, USA